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Tech Hero is able to how to set measurable project objectives and create a practical plan to achieve them; control your project’s schedule, cost and scope; develop the critical skills needed to succeed as a project manager; achieve project objectives with cost-effective estimating and planning techniques; and manage relationships effectively and productively across the spectrum of project stakeholders

Regardless of who actually made your system we can more than likely provide any computer repairs or upgrades on it.

Tech Hero can handle any type of computer repair or upgrade when trying to breathe new life into an old system. Sometimes a memory upgrade to a system can extend the lifecycle of a system for years. Sometimes it can actually cost more to do an upgrade or repair than it would to replace a system. We'll tell you when it makes sense to do a computer repair or upgrade and when your money is better spent on new technology.

Often, cutting edge hardware technology is expensive at it's initial release and is just not cost effective. We can tell you where the "sweet spot" is in regards to cost vs. performance on any upgrade or repair.

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